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April 1, 2010
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     The week Edd had been awaiting for so long was finally here! This was the week the foreign language students went to Spain and France, with a one-night detour in London. He and Ed, taking French together, would be roommates, but Eddy, being in Spanish, was "Stuck with some other sucker." He complained to his Spanish teacher, but the rules still applied. Luckily, they DID manage to get seats with each other during the flight.
     Now they were boarding the plane. Ed was bouncing joyfully, rattling his carry-on bag back and forth. Edd was reading a handbook about all the different sites in Europe. Surprisingly, Eddy was calm, though he wore his trademark smirk as they walked to their seats.
     The plane was very wide, each row consisting of two seats on each wall and four in the center. The Eds sat in a center section, almost in the back of the second class, close to a restroom.
     "I suggest we go now before we take off," Edd told his buddies. "We won't be able to walk around until we reach cruising altitude."
     Immediately after he said that, Edd dashed into the lavatory. Ed and Eddy smiled at each other; Eddy because he knew what was up with Edd and Ed just because.
     When Edd came out, the first thing he was aware of was Eddy's low chuckle. "You're terrified, aren't you?" Eddy cooed.
     Edd threw him a sideways glance as he sat down. "What are you talking about?"
     "You already went before we boarded the plane...twice!"
     "Are you trying to make a point, Eddy?"
     "Yeah. Something's freaking you out, and I wanna know what!"
     Edd sighed. "I've never flown in a plane before. Are you happy?"
     "Aww..." Ed wrapped an arm around his sock-headed pal. "Flying is fun! All the cool people fly, like Superman and Fletcher Skylark!"
     Edd chuckled and squirmed out of Ed's grasp.
     "Gotta be worse knowing we'll be flying for eight hours," Eddy added, slapping Edd's arm.
     Edd frowned. "Don't remind me." To pass the time, he pulled out their schedule, which was neatly organized on a one-week calendar. As he looked it over, he gasped in horror.
     On the day they would be in London, in the top right corner of the box, was a circle, outlined in black and white in the center.
     A full moon.
     "Oh, dear..." he breathed."I had no idea."
     "What?" Eddy blurted out.
     "There's going to be a full moon the night we're in London."
     Ed smiled. "Cool."
     Before Edd could go on about the situation, Eddy quickly said, "Don't worry about it, Sockhead. Just stay in your room and keep the blinds closed. No one will know."
     Feeling a bit more relieved, Edd said, "Yes, y-you're right. We can handle this."
     Ed wasn't too sure what they were talking about, but then his foggy memories hit him. "Oooohhhh...the full moon! Right!"
     He took a moment to remember all of his adventures as a werewolf, which was interrupted by a discomfort in his abdomen.
     "Bathroom for Ed!" he shouted and bolted into the restroom.
     Edd couldn't help but laugh, even though it didn't make him feel any better.

     After the eight-hour flight, they reached Madrid, Spain. Even though Eddy was a Spanish student, he couldn't understand half of what anyone said. Ed constantly asked for a taco, and Edd constantly reminded him that tacos are Mexican, not Spanish. They spent two nights there, then boarded a train for London.
     London, just what Edd was fearing.

     "Oh, cool!" Ed shouted when he and Edd entered their hotel room on the first story. He laughed with glee as he leapt onto and rolled around on his bed.
     "Ed," Edd moaned, "we don't live here. We're just guests. Control yourself."
     Ed's laughter slowed to a giggle as he stopped rolling.
     Edd sat down on the other bed and nervously checked his watch, already set for the time zone they were in. 8:32 p.m. The sun probably was or almost was down. He wasn't too sure; the blinds were closed and he didn't feel like checking.
     It was almost disappointing. Edd wanted so much to look around the city. It was one of those moments that he hated being a vampire-werewolf hybrid.
     Lately, that's been happening a lot. There would be times he appreciated his supernatural form, and other times when it annoyed him. Sometimes he questioned, if he had a chance to get his old life back, if he would miss the nights when he and Ed transformed.
     Lost in his thoughts, he jumped at a sudden knock on the door.
     A split second later, Ed ran up to the door and knocked back.
     "Open the door, idiot!" called the person on the other side, whom Edd recognized before Ed even opened it.
     "Hiya, Eddy!" Ed said as the short Ed walked in.
     Edd gave him a coy smile. "Who are you rooming with?"
     "Who else? Captain big-head and his flat-faced friend."
     While shutting the door, Ed laughed and repeated "flat-faced friend" to himself.
     "How on Earth did you get paired up with Jonny?"
     "How should I know? He was expecting a room for just them, but Miss Eyler counts the two of them together." He sighed and changed the subject. "You gonna be alright tonight?"
     "I'm feeling good, Eddy. The sun's probably down by now, so..."
     "I'll check!" Ed said.
     Ignoring (or perhaps not registering) his friends' warnings against it, he opened the blinds, revealing the clear night sky.
     He looked back at his friends. "Yep, it's down!"
     "Ed, what have you...!" Edd was cut off when his eyes locked onto the bright light in the night sky, the light that has forever changed his life.
     Ed's gaze seemed to be somewhere else. "I like London," he told the others. "I wanna see more of it."
     "Ed, I don't think that we'll be..." Edd was again cut off when the pain began. Ed felt it too, and they trembled and shouted as the full moon transformed them. Eddy watched in minor horror, somewhat used to the spectacle.
     Finally it stopped. Ed was now covered in dark brown fur and hunched in a dog-like position, his soulless yellow eyes still gazing out the window. Edd's face and limbs were lined with fur, his skin pale, and his eyes yellow with red irises.
     Eddy shivered. "Still getting used to that."
     With a deeper, scratchier voice, Edd replied, "The pain hasn't gotten any better."
     Even thought he transformed after trying to avoid it, Edd was still calm. No one could barge in without a key, so he found no reason to worry.
     Until he heard a clatter and a creak.
     The spot where their furry friend once stood was empty, and the window hung wide open.
     "ED!" they both shouted as they ran to the window.
     Right outside, Ed was running on all fours into the city.
     "Ed, you idiot!" Eddy shouted, "Do you want someone to see you?!"
     Far too excited to see the city, Ed continued to run.
     "We have to go after him," Edd said.
     "What if someone sees you?"
     "I've taken on werewolves, vampires, and several crazed lunatics. I think I can handle...the of...London..."
     Before he could reconsider, Eddy was pulling him out the window by the arm.

     London was so...big. Ed was simply overjoyed by all the fascinating sites. Due to his lack of knowledge, however, he gave all of the cool things he saw his own made-up names. So far, he had seen "the Big Church", "the British Whitehouse", and was right now marking "the Big Clock Tower Thingy" as his territory.
     What he didn't get was why everyone was running and screaming.
     Not too far away from him, his friends snuck quietly through the city, searching desperately for their werewolf friend.
     "Knowing Ed," Eddy whispered, "he could be anywhere in this huge place."
     "I know two things for sure," Edd responded, "He's probably observing all of the famous buildings and causing mass pandemonium."
     With that in mind, they nervously picked up the pace, desperately hoping he hasn't gotten into any trouble.
     "Right there!" Eddy exclaimed.
     Ed was happily wandering towards what he called "the Really Big Ferris Wheel-o-Doom", unaware of both his approaching friends and all the panic he has caused.
     With all of the citizens already terrified, Edd ran up to his friend, not thinking of anyone else.
     He grabbed Ed by the shoulders. "What are you doing, Ed? Can't you see you're scaring everyone?"
     Ed whined and looked up at the Ferris wheel.
     "No, Ed, we can't go on the London Eye. We told you to stay in the room."
     "Alright!" Eddy shouted to the crowd surrounding the strange children. "Nothing to see here! These guys won't hurt you, but I know people who will!"
     "Yeah, you know people alright!" someone in the crowd shouted.
     "Hey, I'd like to see you take on my brother! He's a whiz at butt-kickin'!"
     Ed and Edd paid no attention to Eddy's rants. Ed simply whimpered and leaned his head onto Edd's chest.
     "I know you're sorry, Ed," Edd assured him. "It's okay. I wanted to see the city too. I guess we have now, so we should go."
     "All of you!" Eddy shouted, "Get outta here! Go on!"
     As the crowd began to disperse, Ed and Edd smiled at each other. With all forgiven, Eddy hoped onto Ed and they high-tailed it back to the hotel.

     "¡Ay carumba! ¡Señorita Eyler va a volver loco cuando descubre que no estoy en mi habitación!" Eddy muttered, speaking in Spanish just for kicks.
     Edd laughed and responded in French, "Oui, elle sait probablement déjà."
     "With that note, adiós, amigos!" Eddy turned and ran out the door.
     "Au demain!" Edd called back as the door closed behind his friend.
     Ed let out an inquisitive whine, and Edd responded with a chuckle and a pat on the back.
     That chuckle died down. "We're in trouble."

     "Werewolves in London: Early last night, a werewolf was spotted in several areas of the city. It seemed harmless to some, as it merely wandered aimlessly and marked its territory on many famous buildings."
     While Eddy read the newspaper article aloud, Edd gave Ed a disturbed look, receiving a minor blush and a shrug in return.
     "It was later accompanied by what was perhaps a werewolf hybrid and an average teenage boy, who managed to subdue the crowd while the werewolves disappeared. They have not been heard of since." Eddy grinned proudly at his acknowledgement in the story.
     "'Subdue'?" Edd questioned. "They all went home and we left them in peace."
     "Hey, their words, not mine," Eddy said as he handed the newspaper to Edd.
     Ed was gazing out the window of the train as they made their way to Paris, which normally would've excited Edd. Rereading what Eddy just read to him, he couldn't help but wonder why none of the cul-de-sac kids asked them about it, and if they would soon. The fact that a major city saw him in hybrid form made him feel embarrassed and depressed.
     Even Ed, who had not spoken a word since he transformed back into human form, was upset by his actions last night. Thankfully, his friends were forgiving of him. Eddy even told him it was the most exciting thing that happened on this whole trip.
     Edd sighed. "At least no one knew my identity."
     "Lighten up, Double-D," Eddy calmly chided. "You came out in one piece, and the people know you meant no harm."
     Edd looked up and smiled lightly at Eddy's reassuring words.
     "Ça y est," Ed finally said as the Eiffel Tower came into view.
     The three marveled in its beauty. "Indeed," Edd whispered, "This is it."
     As the train reached the station, all the kids calmly got off. Edd guessed that no one read the paper, so he decided not to worry anymore.
     "Ready, Double-D?" Eddy said as he hoped off the train.
     With his suitcase in one hand and the newspaper in the other, Edd replied, "Ready for anything."
     He folded the paper in half, placed it in a wastebasket, and followed his friends without a backwards glance.
Inspiration ahoy! XD I was just listening to the song Werewolf in London and thought "Oh, What the heck?!" I made this just because, so enjoy!

1) Ay carumba! Miss Eyler will go mad when she finds out I'm not in my room!
2) Yes, she probably already knows.
3) Bye, friends!
4) See you tomorrow!
5) This is it.
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